Just chillin with the community on our new patch of land.

To round out 4 big announcements we’re pumped to share that we have partnered with VEGAS CITY to build BONE CITY (Slumdoge HQ) in Decentraland.

Vegas City, as innovative as it is immersive, is one of the largest districts within Decentraland, an open source virtual world built on the Ethereum Blockchain. In Decentraland, users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications. Vegas City expands on that by allowing providers to lease LAND parcels.

In partnering with Vegas City we get a long lease on the land without the upfront cost of a land purchase which allows us to…

Alright DAY 3 — BORK!

Following on from yesterday’s announcement of the SLUMDOGE ART HUB and our partnership with PrimeFlare, the NFT division of Pellar, we have a special announcement covering the first taste of what our work with PrimeFlare will bring.

Hot on the scent of our mates Richard and Jeff reaching the outer atmosphere it’s time we announced that we are building a SLUMDOGE SPACE FLEET — a series of limited run Slumdoge themed Spacecraft that will be redeemable through a BURN & EARN mechanism in BONE CITY (our members only backend).


We are creating a series of Slumdoge Spacecraft NFTs, as with…

Today we announce our partnership with Pellar’s NFT division, PrimeFlare.

Hot on the paws of yesterday’s huge BOSS LOGIC x Slumbogini announcement, we are going a little deeper for announcement day 2 of 4.

Yesterday showed our capacity to bring real value to our holders by partnering with top notch artists and today we can officially unveil our plans to make NFT artist releases a core feature of the Slumdoge ecosystem with the SLUMDOGE ART HUB.

Our mission has always been to bridge the NFT and Doge communities, and over the last month we have identified a further opportunity to bring NFT artists to the collectibles community.


Through the SLUMDOGE…

Today we kick off the FIRST OF 4 big announcements to reveal what has been an epic few weeks behind the scenes at Slum HQ.

Everyone is always asking ‘Wen Lambo’ but no one has yet asked ‘How Lambo?’…

We are incredibly pumped to announce that we have partnered with the one and only BOSS LOGIC to present the Slumboginis airdrop.

10,000 generated Slumboginis will soon be pulling up to the wallets of all Slumdoge holders and for the first time in gen art airdrops we have commissioned a huge name from the NFT and digital art space, BOSS LOGIC…

Slumdoge Billionaire NFTs are here!
We know there are many in our community who have never purchased an NFT before so we’re going to make a series of tutorials to help. First up — METAMASK!

Metamask is a browser based wallet that is the go-to crypto wallet for most Defi and NFT projects. Learning to use Metamask opens a whole world of new opportunities for many projects on many chains including ETH, BSC, MATIC and more Metamask is a lot like Trustwallet only you don’t purchase tokens directly. …

It is with such excite that we announce we are an official sponsor of Dogepalooza the Official Doge Festival run by and for the Doge Community.

Coming to Texas this Fall, the very first Dogepalooza is shaping up to be a much wow day for the Doge Community to come together with live entertainment, arts, food and a celebration of what it means to Do Only Good Every Day.

Our mission for Slumdoge Billionaire NFTS is to develop a fun and supportive community and provide real world utility for Slumdoge NFT holders. In partnering with Dogepalooza before we’ve even…

We’re on a mission to bring together two of our favorite things: NFTs & The Doge Community plus have a borkin good time while we’re at it.

Slumdoge Billionaire NFTS have been algorithmically bred by AI rumoured to be stolen from one of Elon’s top engineers, or maybe it was Greg.

Starting out with 19 base Doge breeds and over 200 unique traits there were over a billion possible combinations of traits but only 10,000 will ever make it to existence.

Each Slumdoge Billionaire NFT is verifiably one-of-a-kind and the random nature of the trait assignment has led to a…



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